Songs found in cracks between the mountains & the sea.   Hope you find something you like in here.   They're hand made with everything I've got.          

Quilling for album cover by Jess Woodruff.

Video - "Fun in Heaven". Enjoy!

In loving memory of Brian Yaussi and Glenn Roberts.  

Wherever they are, I guarantee it is brighter and more fun than it was prior to their arrival. My life sure was while they were here. I started this song after Brian died. But I had to develop the skills to play it as well as I heard it in my head. In the meantime, Glenn left us too. So I revised it to include him. I miss you guys. Hope you're having fun.    

Dedicated to Brian's mother and sister, Mrs. Martha O'Donnell and Mrs. Sarah Yaussi, and Glenn's mother, Mrs. Carolyn Roberts. 

Brian Yaussi

Glenn Roberts

Video - "Alexis & the Sea" - Enjoy! 

A song about inspiration. All true. Thank you Alexis.

Video - "Boomtown"

My love song to Denver, Colorado, and the other great places we love so much. 

Gonna guess we're not the only ones feeling this way.  

Video - "Don't Forget About Fats"

Song of gratitude to the original kings of rock 'n roll, Fats Domino,  Dave Bartholomew and their fine band.    

They deserve a biopic and another generation of fans.   Until then, this will have to do.   

Album Credits

Music and lyrics by Mike Abbass, except “Fats” for which I wrote the lyrics to our rework of Antoine “Fats” Domino and Dave Bartholomew tunes.   

Mark Caldwell Producer/Co-Arranger.    Thanks to all the wonderful musicians who lended their talents.  They are listed on the INFO button next to the songs below, along with the lyrics.  Please check 'em out.    

My deepest thanks to Mark Caldwell, Jim Remington, Annie Little and Steve Avedis for all their guidance and encouragement.   And my family and friends for your loving support on this crazy passion of mine.   My love and gratitude to you all. THANK YOU

More songs to come, we're back in the studio in March.   Will post asap, just couldn't wait to get these up.      Mike 

Extras from the Studio